IC-R75 Navigator for OSX



IC-R75 Navigator is software for Mac OSX to control your ICOM IC-R75 communications receiver.

Using this software you can:


IC-R75 Navigator runs on 64 bit Intel powered Macs running Leopard or later.

You will also need a USB serial port, such as the ZLP Electronics CT62 Interface and a suitable serial port driver. The IOGEAR PL2303 serial to USB adapter is also reported to work.

Demo Video


Version 0.3

This release adds memory channel editing. It also incorporates updates and bug fixes.

You can download the software here.

Version 0.2

This is the second release of the software. This version introduces a compact interface which can expand to show additional features. It incorporates cosmetic updates and bug fixes

Version 0.1

This is the first release of the software, intended to test OS compatibility, hardware compatibility and general feedback.

Updated: 04 November 2011

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