As a combat medic, watching people die is part of the job.

Ambrakh was lying in a pool of her own dried blood when we entered the gully. The more persistent of the scavengers didn’t want to let go so we had to do some persuading with our railguns.

Three days of sun and the constant threat by predators takes a toll on the strongest soul. She could barely take the water we gave her and for a while she just lay in the makeshift stretcher we’d made without moving.

I did what I could for her arm and legs, but the raptors had chewed them up badly and infection was setting in.

Ambrakh managed to mumble directions but even then, it took some time to locate the APC. It sat near the edge of one of the deep fault lines that criss-cross the planet surface. Judging by the marks on the ground, it had landed fast but without much damage. Nice flying, girl.

We wanted to power it up but Ambrakh became hysterical. ‘Don’t turn on the fusion reactor, it feeds them’.

Later she started babbling about ghosts.

We’d seen lights weaving around the ship and the other APCs we’d found, but none of this was making sense. They were attacked she said. What the frak had she seen? Where the frak are the bodies?

Poor kid has fallen into a coma. Without a medlab, she’ll be dead by morning…

-- Michael Chan, Forward Observer Team, Black Eagles Battalion, Hycaron II


M3 Marauders by Lourdes Mercado. Uber Gun by Uzilite. V3 with SF Suit Remix, MOS Shirt by Uzilite. Hair by Daz. Grav APC is an original model created in Truespace 3.2. Scene assembly and rendering in Bryce 5.01. Post processed in Photoshop CS2.

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Updated: 24 September 2005

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