Imagine the surprise in an nascent star faring culture when it discovers that aliens on other worlds are not only human too, but genetically compatible.

Imagine this pattern repeated across a myriad of worlds.

Imagine the stark and chilling archaelogical evidence that protohumans had been taken from a single world and "planted" across the galaxy by a long extinct alien race, a culture that wielded unimaginable power and engineering on a planetary scale, a culture destroyed by some outside agency.

Hycaron II bears the terrible scars of that destruction. Somewhere on this barren world, we thought we would find answers...."

- Cyana Bristo, Mission Specialist

Recognition for this picture

Tori Awards Nomination 2005: Best Sky or Atmosphere

Tori Awards Nomination 2005: Most Photorealistic Picture

DAZ3D October 2004 Monthly Gallery


Original vehicle model constructed in Truespace 3.2. Victoria 3 figure with Ultra Catsuit and Up Lift hair created in Poser

Scene assembly and final rendering in DAZ3D Bryce 5. No post rendering work.

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Updated: 21 August 2004

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