High Mobility

High Mobility


Had no qualifications when I left school, none of us did. Why’d we care?

Factory closed years ago, nobody had jobs, nobody had a future...

Dad ran away when I was ten. Ma took it bad, took to drink. I hated coming back from school, she’d be on spirits by then. She’d scream at me and my brother, ‘bout how hard it was bringing up us kids. She’d hit us sometimes, I’d have to go to school and pretend I’d fallen or somethin’.

I stopped going to school, but after a few days, teacher phoned Ma and I was in so much trouble. She shouted and hollered at me, it was real bad. She hit me hard, I think it was a bottle, I remember going to the hospital, people were real kind to me.

Never forgave her for that. Think I always hated her....

My friends drifted away. Some worked in the mine, some did drugs, walked the street. It was bad, seeing my friends like that. That’s when my brother died, took an overdose.

I decided to leave. That’s when I joined the Marines.

They gave me education, helped me with reading an’ writing. I learned about engineerin’, power train, transmission, ‘lectrics, everything. I can work computers, lasers, radio, sat comms, had a real aptitude they said.

When I did my three terms, went back to the old town. My friends were still there, poor, pregnant, an’ addicted. Left town for good, went freelance, joined a merc unit, a good one, real professional.

Thought it was all workin’ out. Then Hycaron II happened, lot of things changed after that...

- Elise Mackie, Forward Observer Team, Black Eagles Battalion

Recognition for this picture

Featured in 3D World Magazine, issue 73

DAZ3D November 2005 Monthly Gallery


V3 figure with MOS Shirt by Uzilite, SF suit trousers and wedge hair by DAZ. M3 with Marauders outfit by Lourdes Mercado. Original scout/APC vehicle model created in Truespace 3.2 and imported into Bryce 5 for final render. Post processed in Photoshop CS2.

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