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The images on this site started out as computer game concept artwork with a Myst and Riven game play. The game did not materialise but the artwork project is now a hobby in its own right.

Since 2004, the pictures form part of a unfolding story line that continues to this day.

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Jim Burns

Jim Burns is a world renowned SF artist working primarily in traditional media. Recently, he has begun working in digital medium too. His Hugo Award winning works have graced the greatest names of science fiction and he is much sought after by writers.

His distinctive painting style that blends exotic technology and photorealistic people is instantly recognisable.

Fred Gambino

Fred Gambino works exclusively in the digital domain combining photographic elements with extensive modelling to produce the book covers of many well-known SF series, including the Gap series by Stephen Donaldson and the Serrano series by Elizabeth Moon.

An early user of Bryce, Gambino works with a variety of software tools to produce the final images.

Chris Moore

Chris Moore works primarily in traditional media. His works have appeared on books by Philip K. Dick and others.

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Updated: 23 December 2010

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