Mind Crime

Mind Crime


After eighteen years cleaning the streets, you'd think I’d be hardened to the worst that humanity can offer.

I'd seen them all, the drug dealers, rapists, and murderers. People in the gutter, some dealt a losing hand, others reveling in the darkness.

Some get cocky. A grinning idiot with his smart ass lawyer, whining about his rights and his phone call. I have to sit there listening to some sob story about his lousy upbringing with the image of the bloodied pensioner or slashed office worker imprinted on my mind.

"You can’t touch me," he tells me with that knowing smile. He'll be walking the streets real soon 'cos some comfortable liberal worries about criminals' rights, that they need a second chance, and a third, and a fourth...

The bomb attack in the Shallows brought in a hard case, a big shot from the Brotherhood. The Lazloi were unscathed of course, each one surrounded by a bubble of light, but the onlookers and hippies who came to see them lay bloodied and dying around them.

He gave us the silent treatment, daring us to touch him, waiting for the human rights lawyer to spring him free. Give us a few more days we said, but we got the orders, big shots have big friends. Charge him, or let him go.

The paperwork was almost done when the Lazloi telepath came. She spoke only once in their strange, musical accent. "What remains of it is yours."

Sound triggers a primeval instinct in all of us, to aid the crying baby, to run from the growl of wolves. I heard those pitiful screams and did nothing, listening to the sound of a man being reduced to an animal, and then to nothing.

Nobody remembers the Lazloi leaving, so it was a few hours before we returned to the room. All that was left was a living shell, lying in its own waste, unmarked and unmoving.

-- Elliot Shannon, Detective, Shallows District police


Stephanie Petite with DAZ Tunic and Glitterati textures, Erin Hair and Ethereal Beauty textures. M3 with DAZ Suit. Room structure is an original model created in Truespace 3.2

Scene assembly and final rendering in DAZ Bryce 5 and post processed in Photoshop CS2.

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Updated: 21 December 2005

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