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Do you remember the thrill of opening birthday presents as a kid?

We were all kids that day when we signed for a brand new XM-64 exploration vehicle, resplendent in its factory finish. The first ten minutes was spent ripping off the "do not remove" stickers that covered every door, window and port.

How naive we were that day, believing the training vids and the promises of adventure, unaware that in five days time, we would be fighting for our lives on the hell hole of Hycaron II..."

- Cyana Bristo, Mission Specialist.

Recognition for this picture

DAZ3D September 2004 Monthly Gallery


Original vehicle model constructed in Truespace 3.2. Scenery items and grid work also built in Truespace. Victoria 3 figure with Sci Fi suit remix created in Poser

Scene assembly and final rendering in DAZ3D Bryce 5. No post rendering work.

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Updated: 17 August 2004

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