The Pathfinder

The Pathfinder


The humans have suffered great losses, far more than you predicted.

It seems they do not understand the threat. Are you sure they are a suitable proxy in the conflict that is to come?

The fusion reactor of the human starship radiates power over a wide area and draws sentinels from great distances. The sentinels grow stronger and are a considerable hazard. I can confirm that my ship does not attract attention despite running the power core at full output. I am certain that the sentinels are not alerted to our presence.

A human female has acquired critical knowledge that will aid the human struggle against the threat. Regrettably, she is dying and may not pass on what she knows.

I recognise that our hand is not to be revealed but it became necessary for me to protect her from imminent death before her rescue by other humans. I activated her helmet beacon to attract help but was forced to return to her location to ward off predators.

Unfortunately, she recovered consciousness and saw me.

Her fevered state meant that she interpreted me as a supernatural being or apparition. The shimmering effect of my personal shield may have reinforced that view. The enclosed surveillance recording shows a confused state of mind and scepticism by her companions of her story.

All the human survivors are still in danger and I am concerned that this injured female will die before serving her purpose. Further more, if the humans continue to act in this way, it is only a matter of time before the sentinels break free of this world.

I intend to rest a while and will leave the simulacra to guard my speedster.

Please send further instructions…

-- Transmission from Kleneptra ny Hybritta ny Karaenia, of the Lazloi Order of Pathfinders, assigned to Hycaron II.


Stephanie Petite with the Nomads Desolation Earth outfit, Wild and Messy hair by DAZ. M3 with Body Suit. Lazloi scout ship is an original model created in Truespace 3.2. Textured and rendered in Bryce 5.01. Post processed in Photoshop CS2.

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Updated: 09 October 2005

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