Return to Seven Sisters

Return to Seven Sisters


Nobody would be mad enough to go up against the Brotherhood, no one except Siandyha Rhand.

The cult of Ankhn doesn't take kindly to those who oppose their plans, so to take something they covet from under their noses, takes a special kind of insanity...

Only the mysterious Lazloi thwart the Brotherhood with impunity, the ancient power of the Lazloi give even megacorporations pause for thought...

The Brotherhood could be just another doomsday sect, its predictions of a great extinction, its interest in ancient artefacts and civilisations, and a ruthless code of secrecy, if it wasn't funded by Big Money.

Paid for politicians, mercenaries and starships all need money, lots of money. Money like that must believe in the outcome, must want it, must demand it.

I only met Rhand once, a year ago in a bar on Seven Sisters. I knew then that there was something ominous about her, the quiet voice, the paranoia, her prescience, and the spell she cast over those around her, especially Tara Alessia, her fractured lover.

One year ago, when I was meeting her to negotiate a deal.

Now I will meet Rhand as the Brotherhood's representative, to punish her with their unique and shocking brand of retribution, and then later, to extinguish what remains of her wretched life...

- Phylo Bramlin, assassin and torturer, currently under contract.


Victoria 3 figure with the SciFi Suit Remix and V3 tunic, Sassy Hair from DAZ with custom texture. DAZ troll with standard textures. Original space craft model and landing pad created in Truespace. Ethereal Beauty skin textures.

Rendered in Vue Esprit 5 Pro Studio.

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Updated: 03 June 2005

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