Scout Team Bravo

Scout Team Bravo


Three days on this fracking rock.

Three days of thirst, three days of rations, three days of silence.

Three fracking days since the screams over the comm net fell silent.

Being independants, we don’t get the extras like the Black Eagle regulars. While they lord it up in fusion powered antigrav APCs, we got around on wheels, powered by good ‘ol mag hydro turbines.

Fracking great. Fuel up every fracking morning ‘cos our wheels burns gallons per fracking mile.

Lise saw it first looking back at the Broadsword slipping behind the hills. Fracking lights like aurora borealis ‘round the ship, little points of light shooting around in a fog. That’s when the screamin’ started.

Chan said we should go back. ‘Frack that’ said Lise, she floored it and didn’t stop till we couldn’t see it no more.

Second day and we’re outta gas. We figured there’d be other survivors but every fracking APC we found had this mist around it. Steered fracking clear of those.

Day three and Lise picked up a distress signal. Looks like a helmet transponder from one of the APCs, signal’s weak but whoever’s wearing it must still be alive... Maybe they know what happened.

Three fracking days man... I hate this fracking job...

--- Lindon Carlin, Forward Observer Team, Black Eagles Battalion deployed on Hycaron II


V3 with ArtemisX by ElorOnceDark. M3 Marauders by Lourdes Mercado. Uber Gun by Uzilite. Hair by Daz. MERDEC desert camo for ArtemisX by me. Rendered in DAZ Bryce 5 and post processed in Photoshop CS2.

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Updated: 31 July 2005

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