The Second Sun

The Second Sun


It was a needless death, one that I could have prevented.

The message was stark and clear, there could be no intervention in the natural cycle of life, and my previous act of interference in Ambrakh's fate, barely forgivable.

I know how cruel the natural cycle of life is. It has proffered me two sickly sons and a daughter. While Sylenia thrived, my sons died unknown and unnamed. I have shared three husbands with my Clan Sisters. They have come and gone, their fleeting and brief existence so very short. There will be others of course, the female life span is measured in lesser human lifetimes, and I have so many more lifetimes ahead.

Great is our handiwork, greater still, the works of our old ancestors. I have stood on the waters of the Far Havens, lit by the light of a second sun. A second star ignited by Aradhnwen herself, a glow that warms the waters of a world whose star had faltered. So much power, but we choose not to use it.

Oh Aradhnwen, The Silver Wheel, goddess of life; you brought life to that world. Why was Ambrakh's life cut short?

Must I watch the others sicken and die from want of food and water? What manner of cruelty makes us hide behind the lesser humans so the coming catastrophe does not harm us?

Has the fading of our race destroyed our hearts?

-- Kleneptra ny Hybritta ny Karaenia, of the Lazloi Order of Pathfinders


Stephanie Petite with the Desolation Earth Nomad outfit and Sassy Hair. Sea structures created in Hexagon and scene rendered in Vue Esprit 5 Pro Studio. Post processed in Photoshop CS2.

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Updated: 16 November 2005

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