Street Life

Street Life


The Treem where promised prosperity in return for access to their world.

Whilst trade came to their world, it was merely a staging post for other races. A convenient location between long jumps on the sparse starmaps at the edge of the Autocracy.

They were soon seduced by the dreams of instant wealth and happiness perpetrated by the 3D stations and the gleaming chromium of the starport.

They neglected their fields and animals and came to the city. The bright future soon faded and they drifted into the townships around the landing field, discovered alcohol, and sold their dreams for small desires.

In a generation or so, they will have lost their culture and the ability to survive alone. In time, the trading combines will move on to other opportunities and the Treem will have nothing.

It is on this wretched world that we hope to find work and to elude our pursuers..."


This picture was inspired by an early scene in the pilot episode of "Firefly" where the crew walk through a crowded and dusty street looking for trade.

Stephanie Petite, Victoria 3, Michael 3 figures wearing a blend of clothing including Liquid Halo, Clothing Pak, Sci Fi Suit Remix, M3 Tunic, M3 safari and Touch of Class. Hair by DAZ.

Original Truespace models for the ISO shipping containers, tents and vases.

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Updated: 10 January 2005

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