The Screaming Fist

The Screaming Fist


"It is already too late to contain the darkness. Now we can only direct the forces that the lesser humans have unwittingly uncovered.

Once more, we move amongst the rabble, leaving rumour and portents in our wake. Our task, to wrest from them the stewardship of ancient secrets and power they are not yet qualified to wield.

The Clan Mothers say it is a time of prophecy and uncertainty.

One thing is certain. The Dark Sister will have a rich harvest of souls…"

- Initiate Alyzandra, daughter of Hybritta, daughter of Karaenia, serving aboard the Lazloi explorer ship, 'The Screaming Fist'.


Victoria 3 figure with Wild and Messy Hair, and Fantasy Morphing Dress. Original starship model created in Truespace. Ethereal Beauty skin textures.

Rendered in Bryce 5.

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Updated: 24 April 2005

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