The Silver Wheel

The Silver Wheel


The Eden hypothesis states that the many human cultures of known space originated on Terra and were taken to their worlds by a race known as The Shepherds.

The origins of the Lazloi however, are somewhat complicated. Whilst undoubtedly human in origin, their unparalleled longevity, immunity from disease, white hair and deeply modified genetic code suggests another alien intervention in prehistoric times.

Whilst their technology appears on a par with the Autocracy, stories about ‘supernatural’ powers persist. The authorities do not regard them as a threat however, as they are so small in numbers.

Since they rarely venture into mainstream society, the sighting of a Lazloi ship is cause for comment. The superstitious say that they only appear in troubled times.

For those that believe in such stories, the arrival of the Lazloi merchant cruisers, ‘The Screaming Fist’, ‘The Queen of Shadows’, and ‘The Silver Wheel’ is a deeply troubling precedent.

The Treem are bringing their sick and infirm to touch the strange white alloy of the ships. Even the human population that inhabits the townships has begun praying, describing them as angels…

Jai Houdri – Correspondent for the Candor Intersolar News Service

Recognition for this picture

DAZ3D June 2005 Monthly Gallery


Victoria 3 figures with V3 Tunic, V3 Pants, Razored Moffitt and Sassy Hair, all from DAZ. Alien figures based on Michael 3. Original space craft model and buildings created in Truespace. Ethereal Beauty skin textures.

Rendered in Bryce 5.

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Updated: 24 April 2005

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