The Tiesian Gap

The Tiesian Gap


I wake from the dream that plagues my sleep. My beautiful Tara sleeps next to me, oblivious to my thoughts.

They say knowledge is power, they say I have a gift.

I call it a curse.

In another time, they would call me prophetess, seer, or witch.

I see the true face of people around me, I see their deceits and fears, and I glimpse the path that lies ahead. This gift has weighed heavily on my life.

Surviving where others did not, eluding chance and danger with choices that I could not deny. I was dazzled because I saw the world too clearly.

Yet now I am blind. Now I only hear the voices, calling me from the void.

We sit on the edge of darkness, the last world before the Tiesian Gap, a rift so black and empty, even the most hardened fugitives will not go there.

If I close my eyes, I imagine I hear the icy winds blowing across my ship. The Thunderbolt creaks and groans as it sinks into the snow, weary of this quest as I am.

Perhaps it senses my blindness, senses that we may not return.

Tara… I’m afraid…

- Siandyha Rhand, Captain of the Thunderbolt


V3 with Sci Fi Suit and Sled Mistress Parka. Sassy Hair and Ethereal Beauty textures. Starship is an original model created in Truespace 3.2.

Scene assembly and final rendering in DAZ Bryce 5. Post processed in Photoshop CS2.

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Updated: 26 October 2005

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