Alone in the Night

Alone in the Night


My daughter, Siandyha.

If I die in my quest, know that I did not seek death needlessly; that I was not wracked by guilt for the things I have done; those decisions were necessary.

As the years have unfolded, I learned many things about the conspiracy that threatens to tear our race apart. While you are under the protection of the Gathering of Ravens, remember that they, like the Songbirds, are focussed on the goal of our survival. They only differ on the means and the compromises to achieve it.

For years, I believed like many others, that your birth was random chance; a freak of nature that defied the ancient code written by our Creators. Now I have learned it was a plan, a betrayal, a scheme hatched by my grandmother and her Songbird allies. If I had not been so willing, if I had not been so weak, then Klynaeptra would have been her second candidate.

Did Kyraenia really collude with the Enemy in this plan? This, I do not know. How did she know I was compatible? I do not know this either.

Sometime in the past however, she must have realised members of the Zilaerion line could be compatible with the humans, and sought to arrange a bond between our races. Perhaps this is why I was assigned to our periodic journeys into human space, to present opportunities for contact, a dress rehearsal for things to come.

What is done is done. You are still my daughter, my only daughter, who I thought lost and only recently reunited. It pains me greatly that we are to be parted again so soon, but my plan to finally rid human space of controlling Enemy minds must be completed before it is too late.

The Enemy moves slowly, so slowly, as this is a struggle planned over many years. They have made great gains here, but nothing like the foothold they had planned for. The last ten years as the humans measure them is only a temporary respite. When I destroyed the star system at Gateway and the Enemy's main force, their minds were scattered. A major presence established itself on Illaria, and that world was all but destroyed. The weaker force on Candor has always struggled to gain a footing, remaining ineffective and incoherent without orders.

I will finish the work I started ten years ago and destroy the minds on Illaria, but others must press the advantage on Candor before it is too late. Do not forget that the star gate on Hycaron II remains a threat, and the dark roads within it must be explored. It is certain that the Enemy will return again.

If you are in danger, return to where it all began. Seek out your cousin Sylenia ny Klynaeptra on Candor and find your father, Karl Wolmark. I do not know if you can trust all of those around you, but the simulacrum of Aradhnwaen's Grace is beyond reproach. It will protect you to the last.



An original model created in Cinema 4D R14.

Scene assembly and final rendering in Cinema 4D R14 Visualise. Post processed in Photoshop CS2

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Updated: 01 May 2013

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