Until last week, most citizens of the Capital had never heard of the Lazloi.

Seasoned travellers to the frontier districts might be familiar with whispered rumours of the matriarchal humanoid race, but very few will have seen them or their curiously ornamental spacecraft.

Just over ten years ago, the race that had previously kept itself hidden from our shores began appearing with alarming regularity on our borders, alarming because the Lazloi were believed to be a highly advanced culture with very powerful technology at their disposal.

At first, it was hoped that this might be the beginning of a fruitful and profitable relationship, but it soon became clear that the Lazloi had only harmful intentions against us. At great cost to the Autocracy, the brave men and women of the Navy broke the primary invasion force of the Lazloi, leading to a successful and decisive victory at Gateway in the Candor district. Thankfully, the rumours of Lazloi technological superiority proved to be completely unfounded, and their military has been shattered.

To this day, a cordon and demarcation line still exists at Gateway, preventing Lazloi forces crossing into the Autocracy. For public safety, no civilian traffic is allowed into the Candor district either.

Although citizens might be concerned at the appearance of a craft originating from such a dangerous race, be assured that the Lazloi are a spent force. These small ships are a ragtag element, which are little more than traders and adventurers scraping a living.

In a joint statement released by the Navy and Army, it was made very clear that provided the Lazloi ship docked in the Capital's main star port conformed to regulations, there would be no difficulties. The spokeman assured reporters that arrests would be made if the Lazloi harassed citizens, or interfered with the smooth running of the base.

Meanwhile, members of the strange matriarchy have been seen at large in Star Town and other disreputable locations around the port. It seems even the criminal elements living there are giving the white haired crew a very wide berth; such is the power and success of the Lazloi propaganda machine. Unhelpfully, unauthorised comments by fringe scientists have only perpetuated such stories. These so-called experts claim the Lazloi have outlandish technologies such as force fields, long range jump drives and miracle metals, but government scientists have long proven such things impossible.

In the coming days, it is expected that the Lazloi craft, whose name roughly translates as Aradwin's Beauty, will be compelled to leave. Law abiding citizens have already begun complaining about the congregation of pilgrims, alternative life style evangelists, and aliens in the area of the Lazloi ship.

This is Jekad Mondri, reporting for the ITAS news agency...


Scene assembly and final rendering in Cinema 4D R15 Visualise. Post processed in Photoshop CS2

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Updated: 13 June 2014

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