It was only a matter of time before the Brotherhood heard about the White Witch relic hidden in the woods.

Already smarting from acts of defiance by a sorceress in the Northern marches, Niall's story of survival and rescue by a supernatural force brought all the resources the Brotherhood could spare to the east. For weeks they scoured the dense woodland looking for clues about the fallen craft. Local villagers were forced into the search, and the Brotherhood did as it pleased, plundering food and supplies to support its mission.

In the end it was chance that brought the Brotherhood to the hallowed spot. One of their scouts found the remains of an old battle between mutated wolves and men, with an animal trail that led towards the blue metal structure in an almost perfect straight line.

Some say the White Witch craft wanted to be found, having been given its own will and insight by that accursed race. If it is such a scheme, let us hope it is a trap that the Brotherhood will pay dearly for. A rough track has been built through the forest to the relic, and the Brotherhood traffic grows by the day. Their representatives think nothing of the common folk along this path, stealing whatever they desire along the way.

At first it was a steady parade of Brotherhood elders, seeking to understand this new phenomena. Perhaps they were trying to talk and enlist its cooperation. Instead, it remained silent and ignored their pleas. Later, enraged by the procession of people visiting the relic to pray and seek healing, the Brotherhood brought weapons and gunpowder and attacked it. For days, we could hear the distant sound of explosions, accompanied by tall columns of black smoke from the burning trees. We smiled inwardly as more wagon trains of soldiers and explosives arrived, knowing that the glassy blue metal of the White Witches has no concern for such puny forces.

Finally the Brotherhood brought an ancient cannon preserved from before the Fall, but even that returned to the Brotherhood's arsenal having expended priceless ammunition without effect.

The Brotherhood's final effort however was a masterstroke. Fearing that this symbol of the White Witches would undermine their religious authority, they turned the site into a place of horror. From that time on, all their interrogations, trials and murderous executions would take place there. Instead of a place of mystical power, it has become a residence of fear and darkness, a terrible pit from which none return.

My records from the time before the Fall are fragmented, but I believe this craft to be of great significance in the struggle between the White Witches and their ancient Enemy. Its name roughly translates as the Beauty of Aradwin, and it arrived here on Khandoore just as the chaos began. For what purpose, I can only guess. This relic has lain here for some five hundred years, and so much knowledge has been lost in that time.

-- Frankel O'Hallahan, father of Selena Mary O'Hallahan
-- Khandoore, centuries after the fall of civilisation


Aradhnwen's Grace is an original model created in Cinema 4D. Scenery is the Forest Superior model from DAZ. Monk figure also from DAZ.

Scene assembly and final rendering in Cinema 4D R15 Visualise.

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Updated: 30 May 2014

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