In the Beginning


Welcome gracious lady, welcome to Jake Marley's Astro Parts and Salvage.

I am Jake, proprietor, and you are? Oh, such an elegant card, Ms Rhand, so understated.

We are proud to be Candor's leading emporium of nearly new spacecraft. Our selection covers a wide range of lineage and mileage to suit every budget, with the most competitive prices and repayment plans on the continent.

You're looking for a fast ship? Yes of course, we have a number of surplus couriers and speedsters, all of which have cargo space for those 'special' deliveries.

Something bigger? Does Madam have a budget in mind? Really? Well, we take cash and credit of course. Metals? Well the Autarch's gold is good enough for me!

Iridium? Well, Jake isn't familiar with that one, is that really a metal? My accountant is sure to know more.

Never mind, let me show you this fine ship. This is a Storm class blockade-runner. How familiar are you with this design, Ms Rhand? Only ten were built during the last war. It's an experimental craft, designed to loiter in the asteroid belts. It can dash in system and deliver cargo at a moment's notice.

Notorious? Such a strong word Ms Rhand. Perhaps Madam is referring to the original Juno J17 manoeuvre drives? This ship has been retrofitted with the updated 'A' model, a field-tested and battle hardened design, I might add. It's an exceptional performer, Ms Rhand. Designed for a fast warm up and reaches maximum thrust ahead of any other in its class.

Yes, the ship's boat is included, a standard model of course.

The ECM suite? Sadly, the navy removed those components. Yes, so were the turrets, but the hard points are still in place. Is Madam expecting trouble from piracy? Going to the frontier? Well yes, one should always be prepared.

Modifications? None that I'm aware of, but as you can see the modular design makes them very easy to carry out.

Test flights can be arranged, but we do insist on a down payment lodged with a mutually agreed bank. Is the Accura Commerce Bank acceptable?

It's name? Hmm, let me see. I'll just pull up the registry documents.

Ah yes, Thunderbolt, it's called Thunderbolt.

-- Jake Marley, specialist in used astro parts and components, 15 years ago.


V4 figure in the Shadow Dancer outfit and B25 Jacket. Thunderbolt is an original model created in Cinema 4D. Props and buildings by Stonemason.

Scene assembly and final rendering in Cinema 4D R13 Visualise. Post processed in Photoshop CS2

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Updated: 21 September 2012

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