Rear Admiral Gordon strode into the control room and took a set of field glasses from a startled ensign. He walked over to a window overlooking the spaceport field and began scanning the horizon. 'Captain, you said it was important. What am I looking at?'

Captain Mallory snapped to attention awkwardly. 'Sir, we have a possible match on a crew member of the Lazloi vessel.' He shook his head, 'but it doesn't make sense.'

Gordon put down the binoculars and looked over his shoulder. 'I thought it was easy; green muscular guys are androids, white haired female humanoids are Lazloi, everyone else is a human. Isn't that what you said?'

Mallory swallowed hard. 'Yes sir, I did.'

Gordon was looking through the field glasses again. 'I see they're still good little aliens, parking nicely in the marsh like we told them. At least when they leave a hole in the ground now, it'll fill itself in.'

Mallory stood next to the Rear Admiral with his own binoculars and pointed across the landing field. 'Look closer at the side access door, sir.'

Gordon adjusted his focus and fell silent. 'I see a single figure with white hair, a tall female humanoid.' He sighed. 'Let me take a wild guess Major, one of the Lazloi?'

'Facial recognition algorithms identified her as a certain Siandyha Rhand. She's a human, one of us.' said Mallory urgently. 'The Special Investigations Bureau has a file on her.'

Gordon cursed. 'Great, now those sons of bitches will be sticking their noses in our business.'

'I don't know about that, sir,' said Mallory smoothly. 'According to Central Records, her file was closed a few months ago. Officially she's dead.'

'What's the source of information?' said Gordon gruffly, 'How dead are we talking here?'

Mallory handed over a slate. 'Now that we can exchange data with the Candor district, this information came from the Bureau regional office there. There might be a physical embargo out of Candor, but we can still get data. Perhaps they made a mistake.'

Gordon scanned the report and his eyes widened. 'I see Rhand messed with the Grand Ocean Cartels, which is usually very fatal. Not sure how the Bureau would know she was dead, it's not like there'd be a recognisable body to check against.' He read further and then passed the slate back to Mallory.

'It also says Rhand was some kind of collaborator with these aliens,' said Gordon flatly. 'Now someone who looks like her turns up on the other side of the Autocracy twelve years later?' Gordon frowned. 'The Bureau would love that, they'd soon change her file status to alive and kicking whether it's Rhand or not. Imagine all those sharp suits and smug faces running around my starport.'

The Rear Admiral fixed Mallory with a cold stare. 'So what's your report going to be, Mallory; the Bureau screwed up, the Grand Ocean Cartels are getting sloppy, or perhaps there's just a glitch in the software?'

'Yes sir, that's possible, sir, but this could be Rhand.'

Gordon's face grew darker. 'You're not understanding me, son. It could just be a glitch in the software.'

Mallory nodded slowly. 'Of course, sir.'

Gordon made his way to the door, handing the field glasses back to the subordinate. 'Make sure my aliens stay out of trouble, Mallory. Let 'em trade and buy stuff with their precious metals and trinkets, the tourists love all this Lazloi mysticism crap.'

He gave Mallory one last glare. 'There'll be no more nonsense about Lazloi who happen to resemble dead humans. I don't want any trouble on my watch.'


V4 figure with Nabia Hair and Space Dweller outfit. Character morph is Faryn by Mihrelle on Renderosity. Ship is an original model created in Cinema 4D.

Scene assembly and final rendering in Cinema 4D R15 Visualise.

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