The Ragged Edge

The Ragged Edge


The hall was unadorned. Ten Lazloi stood at the edges of the room, three sat behind a desk. A single light source filled the room with a cold soft glow. The chamber was silent.

A door opened and Sylenia stepped into the light. She walked slowly to face the seated figures, and then glanced over her shoulder as another Lazloi entered and stood behind her left shoulder.

One of the seated figures stood and walked around the desk to stand to one side of Sylenia. "Arborella hept Yyglarien is not recognised here, why have you brought her here?"

Sylenia inclined her head slightly and but held the gaze of the speaker steadily. "Sister Eyvonae, it is my right to be heard in the presence of a fellow Sister." Eyvonae turned to the seated figures and waved a hand towards Sylenia's companion. "This is not a matter for Clan Yyglarien, Mother Jiram. There is no room for outside interference."

Clan Mother Jiram nodded slowly, before laying both hands firmly on the table. Although she looked young, her movements and gestures were of great maturity and wisdom. "This is not a time for division my fellow sisters. As Clan Mother Zylyra has said, that would only serve the Enemy. I have agreed that Sylenia's friend should be allowed here, both as a right and also as an acknowledgement that we are all threatened here. Unless we work together, we are all in danger."

Eyvonae bowed deferentially but remained standing near Sylenia.

"Sister Sylenia," said Jiram slowly, "daughter of Klynaeptra, daughter of Hybritta," Jiram turned to face the other Lazloi in the room, "daughter of Kyraenia."

Sylenia stiffened as the name of her matrilineal ancestor was spoken. She had learned of Kyraenia's disgrace many months ago, and her apparent betrayal of the Lazloi was still keenly felt. She met Jiram's dark eyes uncertainly, knowing that the Clan Mothers decision to link her with Kyraenia was a calculated one.

"I am pleased that you are well, and that despite the difficulties of recent times, have managed to achieve important results in uncovering the whereabouts of the Enemy."

Sylenia tried to pitch her voice more confidently, but it sounded more like that of a child. "I am pleased that the Clan Mother approves of my work, but it is incomplete. I would ask that I be allowed to return to Candor."

Jiram sat motionless and stared at Sylenia. "I think you mean that you wish to return to this human, this Joshua Isuza?" She leaned forward and raised her voice. "You know that there cannot be contact between a Lazloi and a human. Could it be that you are lovers?"

Sylenia shook her head, "No, of course not!" Jiram stood with her fingers pressed on the table. "Are you in love with him?" Sylenia looked down and said nothing.

Eyvonae gave out a muffled laugh and stepped closer. "Harlot."

The word was like a hiss, but its power filled the room so everyone could hear it. Sylenia face felt hot as she faced Eyvonae angrily.

"I will not permit another mistake like that made by your aunt Alisandra. You will return to Candor, but you will work with your fellow sisters only. Do not defy my decision."

Sylenia left the room without a word, with the judgement and disdain of all the assembled Lazloi following behind her.


An original model created in Cinema 4D R12. Scene assembly and final rendering in Cinema 4D R12 Visualise. Post processed in Photoshop CS2

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