It says in the rulebook that every starship must have a pilot, a navigator, and engineers to service its various drives. Nowhere does it say that a ship needs a crewmember with nefarious skills, but every successful captain knows she should have one.

To describe Jaimila as a criminal element familiar with the rougher or more illegal methods of accomplishing tasks is as good a description as any. In our captain's on-going mission to help the Lazloi, it has become necessary to secure certain cargos, obtain secret information, break a safe, or simply steal. Jaimila has been instrumental in those plans.

Whereas Cecila is brash and loud with her rough demeanour, Jaimila is quiet and deadly, somehow disconnected from the rest of us. She is by far the more dangerous of the two. Despite that, I find her knowledge of security systems fascinating, and have learned lots about self-defence from her.

I don't ask about her past however, as skills like hers are hard won and born out of poverty and cruelty. One thing I do know; Jaimila harbours a terrible hatred and fear of the Grand Ocean Cartels, and I'm certain we will be confronting them again very soon.

-- Cyana Bristo, former scientist with the Echolian Science Institute


V4 figure with DAZ Body Suit and custom textures, Xenia hair. Scene props by Stonemason.

Thunderbolt is an original model created in Cinema 4D.

Scene assembly and final rendering in Cinema 4D R15 Visualise.

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Updated: 10 August 2014

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