Sky Goddess


When you surrendered your minds to an imaginary sky god it was your undoing, because you chose to inhabit a world without truth.

Some of you knew this god was a lie, because it was you that created him. You built the lie because it gave you power, an authority that you neither earned nor deserved; it allowed you to commit the very crimes you professed to abhor.

Realising that truth, evidence and proof are your greatest enemies, you fashioned this falsehood because this lie cannot be disproven. You repeated the lie under threat of death, of torture, discrimination and prejudice. You sanctioned the evil within you and the actions you took by the very words you wrote.

Finally, you created a standard by which humans must live, even though you knew that standard was unattainable. You realised that only the guilty can be controlled and punished, so you designed your religion to make every man, woman and child a lawbreaker.

In another circumstances, we might have interceded on the side of reason, but time is no longer on our side. We are in the twilight of our race and soon we will be gone. It will be a long sleep from which we may never awaken. No doubt you are pleased with your role in our downfall.

In years to come, your power will undoubtedly rise as your civilisation collapses, giving you the ability to perpetrate all the evils your religion legitimises. You will come to believe that the future is yours, and for a short while it will be true. Your greatest strength however will also be your weakness, because we will leave a scar on this world that can never be erased. It will be a fact, an event and a truth so vast and profound, your lies will never destroy it.

You will try and burn this incident from the minds and broken bodies of your victims, but in every pair of eyes you destroy, you will see the afterglow of our power shining back at you. Every victim that bows to you in mock reverence will know that for a short time, you were powerless against us. They will know that the god you created was unable to stop the Lazloi, and to prevent your near annihilation.

They will know we were the only power amongst the stars.

-- Lazloi communiqué to the Brotherhood of Ankh


V4 figure in Hongyu's Sport Baby outfit. M4 figures in Predatron's Monk outfit. Stonemason's Ruins. Spacecraft is an original model created in Cinema 4D.

Scene assembly and final rendering in Cinema 4D R13 Visualise. Post processed in Photoshop CS2

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Updated: 09 September 2012

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