The Courier

The Courier


Days blurred into weeks as the 'Storm Crow of the Dark Sister' took us towards the Lazloi home worlds. The changes in the local star patterns were proof enough of the Lazloi mastery of hyperjump technology. In a month we must have travelled nearly five hundred light years, a journey that would have taken a human starship over three years.

Sometimes the ship would jump into a star system, perhaps to make navigational adjustments. Otherwise, our benefactors chose to travel through deep space, pausing only briefly to cool and recharge their jump drives. The Lazloi left us alone most of the time, and allowed freedom to most of the ship. However, even a ship the size of the 'Storm Crow' became small after a time and the distractions and entertainment aboard soon paled.

Relief came when we finally made planetfall on a small habitable world, a planet our hosts announced to be at the border of their territories. After our long confinement, the wide-open spaces where we could breathe natural air and look up at the sky made us euphoric. Even the Lazloi seemed brighter and more open to conversation.

We learned that we would wait on this unnamed world for a day until another ship arrived. It was to be a courier ship that was even faster than the 'Storm Crow'. It would take us on the final leg of our journey to the home world; to our relief they told us that was only a week away.

When it arrived, the courier turned out to be smaller but much more luxurious than the 'Storm Crow'. This was a ship that carried dignitaries and we were to be treated as such. Siandyha and I shared a cabin as before, a suite usually reserved for the Lazloi leaders themselves. The room was lined with fabrics and exotic woods I had never seen before, all of them fashioned in the unique style of the Lazloi. As we settled in for the night, the air became filled with gentle fragrances that lulled us into a deep sleep. Despite the unknown that awaited us at the end of the hyperspatial jump, for the first time in years, I felt truly safe.

-- Tara Alessia, aboard the Lazloi courier ship, "Aradhnwen's Grace"


V4 figure in the Xurge Nano Suit. Starship is an original model created in Cinema 4D R13.

Scene assembly and final rendering in Cinema 4D R13 Visualise. Post processed in Photoshop CS2

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