The Hunters

The Hunters


The Lazloi walked amongst us for two days, helping the community with medical concerns, building repairs and reinforcing the peninsula's defences. The children were in awe of them of course, and the little tricks played by the Lazloi with their force fields as protection and cutting tools impressed the adults too.

We suffered two big attacks by dybbuk's over that time. Animals and birds comprised both of the confrontations. Each was heralded by the loud sonic boom of the Lazloi craft's force field activating, followed quickly by the snarling crackle of disintegrator beams sweeping across the ground and into the sky above. The children ran for cover or sought sanctuary amongst the Lazloi themselves, while we watched from the safety of our vehicles. The Lazloi continued their work with little or no regard for what was happening, confident in their power and invulnerability.

A third attack came as Illaria's star began to set. After the routine raising of its force fields, the Lazloi ship swept its disintegrator beams towards the northern mountains. In an instant the mountainside erupted in a forest of fire and sparks. Rocks and boulders the size of a small house leapt into the air and crashed down amid clouds of dust and fragments.

The barrage continued unabated for several minutes, resembling a volcanic eruption but without the lava flow. The children watched spellbound as though enjoying a firework display, while we could only observe in awe at the firepower being directed. Abruptly the firing ceased, but it took more than ten minutes for the clouds to clear.

The mountainside was horribly changed. A hideous scar had been carved across the face of the foothills and rubble was scattered down slope for almost a mile. I peered through my field glasses to see what it might have been firing at, but the entire area was now a shattered and broken wasteland.

The Lazloi congregated and talked urgently amongst themselves before withdrawing to their ship, while we held our own meeting and fended off the excited questions of the children. Minutes later, Alisandra daughter of Hybritta emerged with a second Lazloi dressed in drab grey clothing. They carried small backpacks on their backs, and between them held a spherical bundle slung between heavy straps. Other Lazloi followed them out and there was a short argument between them, but Alisandra daughter of Hybritta did not care to explain what it was about afterwards. As they walked towards us, the blue craft rose and sped away at high speed.

Alisandra introduced her companion as Zenya daughter of Corsiva of the clan Zilaerion, telling us of their intention to travel to the mountains, and her assumption that we would help them. The promise of more help from the Lazloi was all the persuasion we needed, so the following day we set out for the hills with our new companions. Our vehicles passed the shattered mountainside and moved quickly into the uplands under the watchful gaze of birds and other warped animals. In that time the Lazloi remained hidden inside our vehicle, nursing the bundle between them with great care.

It was a jolt that revealed bundle for what it was when our vehicle traversed an old riverbed. The content of the bundle bounced out and rolled along the floor and came to a halt with a loud thud. It was a faceted blue sphere, a polished metal artefact that exuded menace and danger.

-- Mission log of Lieutenant Ara Mercator, Recon Group
-- Mission Clock: Unknown


V4 figure in Xurge3D Peace Keeper outfit. Bobcat vehicle is an original model created in Hexagon and Cinema 4D R12. Scene assembly and final rendering in Cinema 4D R12 Visualise. Post processed in Photoshop CS2

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