Microsoft Flight Simulator - Exploring the World


Exploring the World

A friend and I got together to create a video showing how Microsoft Flight Simulator can be used to see the world. I captured footage of a number of natural and man-made topographical features, as well as some notable artificial structures.

The locations were Clearwater Lakes, Manicouagan Crater, Aorounga Crater, Quarkziz Crater, Kara Kul, the Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Nuclear Test Area in Nevada.

Cut to the music of Ronnie Montrose tracks, "Windshear" and "Zero G", the video shows each crater location in Flight Simulator with an accompanying satellite photo and descriptive text.

The level of detail that reveals some of the craters, is thanks to an add-on for Flight Simulator called FS Global which takes data from the Shuttle Radar Topology Mission (SRTM) launched on February 11th, 2000.

Details of FS Global can be found at the FS Global web site.


My friend has posted a version of the video on YouTube.


Updated: 21 December 2006

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