Scotland 2001


We rented a cottage for a week in Braemar, home of the highland games and within easy reach of the Cairngorms.

Braemar has a small group of shops including a convenience store, post office, climbing shop (expensive), tourist centre and a number of hotels and tea rooms. This made self catering and the occasional eat out easy and convenient.

Day 1 - 7th October 2001

Dad leads the way Foot sore on Day 1

We head out on our first walk of the holiday. We saw a bird of prey (buzzard perhaps?). It didn't take long for my old walking boots to start making their presence felt!

The lunch stop comprised the traditional cheese and jam sandwiches and a mug of earl grey.

The return journey would prove to be more difficult as my feet got sore and blistered. It would start to rain and only the fortuitous and courteous offer of a lift by a passing police landrover got us home.

The local police have responsibility for running and maintaining mountain rescue huts and it was our luck that the policeman had driven out to the local hut was returning in our direction!


Day 4 - 10th October 2001

My Dad Balmoral Estate

We drove out to the Balmoral Estate and parked up for this day. We walked along side a loch before heading into the hills. A second loch filled the first and we hoped to see it.

It became clear that we were following in the steps of a horse and our concern was that a 'stalking' party was in the area. We decided to turn back as soon as we caught sight of the second loch, our objective achieved.

Later we would see landrovers and a horse being groomed before being released to graze

We spent day 2 (Monday) in Aberdeen and this meant I could go to Tiso's, a climbing and walking shop. I bought a fine new pair of walking boots, expertly fitted and sized by the staff. These boots transformed the holiday and made walking a pleasure!

This picture was taken from a small bridge crossing a stream on the homeward leg of the walk.


Day 5 - 11th October 2001

Colourful Mushrooms! Linn of Dee

A variety of walks begin and end in Braemar itself. We spent the day on two such walks that kept us within a close distance of the village.

This bright and colourful fungus grew beside the footpath and not the worse for wear. Rabbits were spotted shortly after but were too shy to be photographed.

Setting out from the National Trust car park we had used on day 1, we stopped to take photographs of the Linn of Dee (Waterfall of Dee).

This spot is one of many associated with Queen Victoria in the area.

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