Angels at War

Angels at War


In the animal kingdom, there are two approaches to survival in a hostile environment.

The first is the art of concealment through stealth and camouflage. In avoiding a more dangerous adversary, the creature aims to survive.

The other is to draw the greatest possible attention to itself. Using this tactic, we find that the berry is red; the frog is bright green, and the caterpillar, yellow.

There is one common theme across all these life forms that take this second approach. They are all characterised by their lethality to any who attempt to attack them. In advertising their deadly nature, conflict is avoided.

It is also the approach taken by our scouts exploring the world below our disabled mother ship. In the beginning, the animated dead that wander the cities would attack on contact. Our soldiers would leave the streets filled with their remains in huge numbers.

It was only when the more sophisticated creatures took casualties that the attacks began to change. As we encountered bands of invaders in the cities and hinterlands, the more complex life forms would hold back and test our capabilities, expending the lower forms in feints and diversions. This approach failed too, for we would leap over the foot soldiers and strike deep at the intelligences that controlled them, knowing they were not far away.

Now the creatures stand aside or avoid us entirely when we approach. It suggests that some sort of hive mind or psionic connection exists between the higher orders. We are able to range far and wide in our exploration of this world, and in our recent encounters, the strategy of avoidance remains the same.

While we are confident that the greatest threats were destroyed in our action against the starport, we believe that there are higher intellects still at work here. It is not surprising then that they are seeking to evade us by concealment.

All their engagements with our soldiers have ended in annihilation. I intend to make sure this continues...

-- Zephyria, Commander of Land Forces on the Lazloi merchant cruiser, "The Screaming Fist".


V3 figure wearing "The Dress" with Erin hair and Ethereal Beauty textures. Scenery elements created in Hexagon.

Scene assembly and final rendering in Vue 5 Pro Studio. Post processed in Photoshop CS2

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Updated: 19 November 2006

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