It was the belief of the Council that Siandyha Rhand was dead, but new evidence has been brought to my attention that suggests this conclusion is no longer certain.

Gentlemen, I would like to draw your attention to this photograph taken by one of our operatives. These are the remains of a Juno J17 fusion drive; its markings and serial numbers are irrefutably those of Rhand's blockade-runner. Not only does it show evidence of battle damage, there are the unmistakeable torsional stress signatures of an inter-dimensional transition. These are not the result of a conventional jump to hyperspace, but an encounter with a star gate.

For years we have wondered why the star gate has remained closed; why no additional forces were sent through to complete the enemies project. If Rhand entered a star gate elsewhere, then her ship would have blocked the transition vector during that time. Perhaps something catastrophic happened during that transition and pieces of her ship are now obstructing the gate, this engine the only part to emerge back into normal space. While this engine emerged from the star gate at Hycaron II some five years ago, Rhand must have entered the inter-dimensional pathways nine years ago, through a star gate portal we are not yet aware of.

What irony gentlemen that this mongrel creature, half Lazloi, half human, should have enabled us to achieve so much from our plan, yet denying the core objectives of our adversaries. She was living proof that our work can succeed; yet she became a tool of the Gathering of Ravens. I can only blame Kyraenia for that failing.

Gentlemen, I believe I have been mistaken about Siandyha, daughter of Alisandra Zilaerion. When our project began, I thought this woman to be nothing but an experimental subject, to be studied and discarded like any laboratory animal. When Kyraenia sent Siandyha Zilaerion away and hid her amongst the humans, I assumed it to be some sort of emotional concession to the feeling of she who bore her. At the time it seemed not to matter one way or the other. We had the proof we needed, and the confidence that our actions would be judged favourably by history.

I think Kyraenia knew more about this halfling child than I realised. Rhand is a nexus around which events swirl and intersect, each small and insignificant in their own way, but with profound consequences for the great players in this struggle for power and survival. Perhaps this is why Kyraenia left her to wander freely amongst the humans, to become enmeshed in the schemes and plots of her enemies and allies alike. While Kyraenia was a great asset in our project, she did have a talent for mischief.

Now I've learned that the star gate has activated again and all the players in this game will take interest in that. What emerges next from the portal will be instrumental in the nature of the events that follow. I suggest we dispatch an observer to learn more.

The next item on the agenda are the recent attacks on some of our distribution agents. I understand one of our senior gang members is dead…

-- Proceedings of the Council of Ankh.


V4 figure with Shadow Dancer outfit and Juni hair, both with custom textures. Scene assembly and final rendering in Vue 6 Pro Studio. Post processed in Photoshop CS2

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