For years I have had power and no choices, yet the course I am taking will leave me powerless, with every choice I could wish for.

I have made decisions in the past and escaped the consequences. I had the luxury of receiving reports second hand of the orders that eclipsed lives and changed others in terrible ways.

Sitting here with your sister, I am forced to witness first hand the cost of my collusion with forces I realise I did not understand, to see with my own eyes, the extent of my need for vengeance.

Certainty is a powerful thing, for when the objective is clear, you are willing to make any sacrifice, at any cost, to seize that goal.

That goal was revenge Alisandra, revenge for taking my heart and soul, revenge for making me believe there is love in this world.

Two months that seemed like an eternity, when you burned your love into my mind, a fire that left terrible scars. Two months when I believed I was the luckiest man alive, that love between a human and a Lazloi was possible.

Two months of deception.

You used me as breeding material, taking by deception what your sister Kleneptra seemed compelled to take by force. What else could I conclude when you disappeared without warning, telling me only that a wonderful thing had happened?

It was years later that I learned the truth about the Lazloi, and then, only from my new associates. I learned about how your race was fading, about the great flaw in your creation, a critical error by those that made you. Perhaps I understood then why you loved me.

In a curious way, I owe you Alisandra for the successes I have made in this life, for were it not for my need to harm you, I would not be the man I am now. That man however has become blind to what he has become. He is not a responsible wielder of power; he is no more than a servant, one who must obey, one without choices.

I took Kleneptra away from Hycaron II against the express orders of the Guardian, a deception that will soon prove hard to conceal.

It is time to make choices again.


Stephanie Petite figure with Sapphire Fox hair with customised textures. M3 figure with safari shirt. Tables and room models created in Hexagon.

Scene assembly and final rendering in Vue 5 Pro Studio. Post processed in Photoshop CS2

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Updated: 21 October 2007

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