If you've come here looking for a bargain, you're in the right place my friend; junk is our speciality!

Welcome to Jake Marley's Astro Parts and Salvage, Candor's finest purveyor of quality used parts and components. If you're looking for that hard to get jump drive attenuator, or perhaps a logic circuit for the Astrodyne Model 3 computer, Jake is your man.

Don't let first impressions fool you; this is a professional business we're running here. Everything you see here has been acquired through legitimate channels. All our components and parts come with a cast iron one-year guarantee, underwritten by Candor's most reputable insurance companies.

I see that the large manoeuvre drive over there has caught your attention sir. A fine choice if I may say so, an excellent example of the Juno J-17A fusion drive. Not the original J-17 series of course, but the widely regarded and popular J-17A. Terrific performer sir, renown for its wilderness refuelling and cold start capabilities. This example is military grade specification and was taken from a Storm class blockade runner.

I see you're nodding, I didn't realise sir was such a connoisseur of the more obscure craft of the old war. In that case, sir will appreciate the rarity of this unique item.

Stolen? Certainty not my friend, I can assure you that all items you find here were acquired when this facility was bought, or have been bought and traded since through my company. This site is a former government facility you know, engineering and research took place here for several years after the destruction of Gateway. I was lucky enough to buy the facility at a very reasonable price, when the government was looking for extra cash to prop up the economy.

Cheap is such a loaded word sir; I much prefer the word reasonable. You have to remember that this is the government; anything paid for by the taxpayer goes for a song these days, why do you think taxes are so high?

The Juno drive was here when I bought the site sir. I believe it was recovered in orbit from around the planet Hycaron II. I understand it suddenly appeared there some five years ago and was recovered by a government contractor. What's to say, I see the news like everyone else; Hycaron II is an interdicted world. If a piece of space junk materialises out of thin air like that, orbiting above a planet, you wonder if the government is messing with alien technology don't you?

Not that I've got anything against aliens of course, some of my best friends know aliens. I'm an easygoing guy, I like what I like; they like what they like. The Treem can be trouble of course, always causing mischief they are. Caught one of them prowling around the site only last night, moaning about wanting alcohol and his land.

Hey, you're not one of those bleeding heart liberals are you? I bought this place fair and square, all that nonsense about aboriginal rights, I tell yah.

If you're interested, I'll take you round the unit. Like I said, it's been here for about five years. Nah, don't know about the owner. Siandyha Rhand? Never heard of her, friend of yours?

-- Jake Marley, specialist in used astro parts and components.


Stonemason's Urban Future buildings, Warehouse district and M3 figure. Engine model comes from the original Thunderbolt model.

Scene assembly and final rendering in Vue 6 Pro Studio. Post processed in Photoshop CS2

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Updated: 30 October 2009

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