Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser


It was nearly five years before vegetation began to retake the land from the smothering ash covering the countryside. It was around the time that we noticed a marked drop in the number and variety of warped life forms infesting the towns and cities. Let's get things straight, Illaria is a dangerous place and there are plenty of hotspots to avoid. Flare-ups are common, especially near the urban areas and in the remains of the old forests, but the twisted nightmares are just as likely to attack each other as one of our communities.

At the time, we wondered if the Lazloi had some hand in the turn in fortunes, just as they had done when we first got here. We witnessed their handiwork in the first few weeks of our stay, but they disappeared from the land and the sky soon after. Whatever the explanation, the change meant bigger crops and fuller stomachs that in turn created bigger and more secure communities in the fertile areas.

For those with day-to-day concerns, more food meant increasing contentment and healthier children. For those focussed on our future it meant something else: biofuel.

Finding fuel for our vehicles, even the newer and lighter Bobcats, was becoming extremely difficult without travelling prohibitive distances. What could be better than to have the fuel source on our doorsteps behind barbed wire and in sight of our communities? At first there was resistance because it meant less land for food, but when it was realised that alcohol in engines could easily be alcohol in a glass, we got the support we needed.

Now we have broken the dependency on fixed reserves of fuel, we can range further and deeper than ever before. Some people are talking about trying for some of the islands where the alien invaders didn't reach, while others dream of getting some of the old trains running again. It the same divide that has been with us for years, those that want to rebuild what we have here, and those that want to escape back to whatever is left of civilisation on Candor.

Our current mission is to try to reach a private landing field, a facility where personal craft and space vehicles were stored for the rich and famous. We don't expect to find anything intact, but places like that contain tools and power systems our communities sorely need.

-- Mission log of Lieutenant Ara Mercator, Recon Group
-- Mission Clock: Unknown


Bobcat Multi-Mission Vehicle is an original model created in Hexagon. V4 figure in Gear Punk outfit.

Scene assembly and final rendering in Vue 8 Complete. Post processed in Photoshop CS2

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Updated: 18 June 2010

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