A Prelude to War

A Prelude to War


One of our males died last night. The reason as always, was natural causes.

In spite of all our efforts, he passed away peacefully as we completed our repairs and made ready to depart from Illaria. While Kariyana observes the rites of remembrance, I must help to dispel any taint that could jeopardise our mission.

I am torn between ridding the world of the hive minds and completing the task that the Clan Mothers have given me. It was ill-fortune and overwhelming odds that stranded us here for so long, but I can be confident that the might of the Lazloi will be long remembered by the Echolian Navy.

On the planet below, we have watched the plight of the human soldiers with occasional interest. Our scouts found one of their primitive vehicles abandoned near the starport today. We are unable to determine if it has broken down or simply exhausted of energy. There were no signs of fighting, and we saw no bodies. For the moment at least, our imminent departure is the priority, so the matter must remain a mystery.

The death of our kindred can only be a portent of what is to come. Our race continues its slow death, paralysed by the timidity of Clan Mother Kyraenia and her Songbirds, fearful that these creatures are a proxy of the Creators, or worse still, the lieutenants of those that destroyed them.

It has fallen to us, the Gathering of Ravens, to seek out this enemy and destroy them by any means. If the disease cannot be cured or cut out, then we must isolate it, and we have the means to do it.

While we face a great darkness ahead of us, down in the hold of our ship lies the greatest darkness of all, handed down to us by our Creators. It is a daemon waiting to be unleashed. It is a reminder of our ancient power, an ancient anomaly held by the Clan Mothers should our need be desperate.

It is made of neither blue nor white, for those are the colours of our handiwork. This thing is made of black, the progeny of the Creators and our earliest mothers, a craft and a power we have long since lost.

It is an evil that should never have been made, and it is my destiny to use it.

-- Alisandra ny Hybritta ny Karaenia hept Zilaerion, commander of the Lazloi merchant cruiser, "The Screaming Fist"


Stephanie Petite 3 figure with Sassy Hair from DAZ. Conforming outfit is an original design created in Hexagon 1.21. Vehicle is an original model also created in Hexagon.

Scene assembly and final rendering in Vue 5 Pro Studio. Post processed in Photoshop CS2

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Updated: 27 April 2007

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