Primary Ignition

Primary Ignition





These were the opening words of the extraordinary communiqué that sealed our fate, the beginning of a story that would last generations.

The chance to understand the actions of the Lazloi in the Gateway system was in the first few days. Nobody could have conceived the magnitude of the catastrophe that was soon to unfold, nor could they have imagined the aftermath.

One day and one chance to understand, but untold years to suffer the consequences.

The blockade by the Lazloi had only lasted a few weeks, bringing traffic between the Candor district and the body of the Autocracy to an instant standstill. So far as our records go, we believe that ships going to the Autocracy stopped immediately, while those coming into the district were chaperoned towards Gateway and not permitted to return.

We can only imagine what our friends in Argus must have thought when the flow of ships and couriers stopped so suddenly. Our logs show that two naval ships were sent to Gateway, no doubt to investigate the strange absence of traffic. They were prevented from returning like other ships, so we must conclude that nobody in the Autocracy knows what happened, or the role that the Lazloi played.

Few who survived the apocalyptic events will forget the arrival of the Lazloi known as Alisandra Zilaerion, believed to be the architect of that terrible day.

The tear-streaked face of the Lazloi dominated the view screens of every ship and habitat in the Gateway system. She declared to the stunned crews and public that the entire system was off limits, and that all ships and stations were to be evacuated immediately. Since Gateway has no habitable planet and is comprised entirely of artificial habitats, there was no viable alternative or defence against Zilaerion’s threats. She further declared that no ship would be permitted to leave for the Autocracy.

The second shocking image was the arrival of a new kind of Lazloi ship, a vessel of entirely unknown configuration. Its firepower was amply demonstrated against a lifeless moon, a public reminder that the Lazloi intended to enforce their orders. As the fragments of the moon spun away, it triggered an explosion of panic and fear amongst the population. Many must have died in the stampede and the fire fights for the last remaining ships.

As Zilaerion warned of an impending battle, the ships left one by one for Seven Sisters, each carrying back the warning to the Candor district, her fateful words that would echo for years to come.

“In this and other things, we have assumed control.”

-- Professor Alain Holsworthy, Mirokat University


V3 figures wearing the Xurge Cybersuit with custom textures. Chico, Sapphire Fox and Slick Hair with custom textures. Starship is an original model created in Hexagon and textured in UV Mapper and Photoshop CS2.

Scene assembly and final rendering in Vue 5 Pro Studio. Post processed in Photoshop CS2

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