Street Angel

Street Angel


I will never get used to the wretchedness that humans seem doomed to inhabit. In spite of all their achievements, there is an unwritten law that condemns some of them to fall into the gutter, where they either accept their lot or are compelled by force to do so.

Given the circumstances that our race finds itself in, it seems incredible that we have not been consumed by despair too. Perhaps it is because we are driven by a single purpose, to restore ourselves in the image of our foremothers and forefathers. Had we the short life span of lesser humans, it might have seemed an insuperable task.

That purpose is now directed towards the alien presence inhabiting Candor, and those who helped to open the gate at Hycaron II. My sisters and I make regular incursions into Candor City to discover their whereabouts. Any outbreak of the dust or mass mutation is investigated as a potential locus of alien activity, an echo of where their malign control has recently trod.

There is great risk and no little danger in this, for using a portal in a built up area requires meticulous targeting and reconnaissance. Its energy signature could reveal our presence, and anybody catching sight of us would spark rumours and stories impossible to contain.

We are restricted to the night and early dawn, venturing out in the day only in the direst need. I have identified locations amongst the slums where we can safely emerge and exit with minimal risk of materialising into other matter, and use these corridors to scout for the humans that we will need to help us.

I have chosen the slums because it seems the rich and powerful benefited greatly from the chaos, and they have no reason to change it. Some of their number colluded with the Enemy, and no doubt continue to do so. Only amongst the ordinary people whose futures were stolen from them, will I find someone willing to find and open the door so that we can follow.

I have my eye on some possible candidates and all that is needed are the right circumstances.

It is just a matter of time.

-- Sylenia Zilaerion, Candor City


SP3 figure with Xurge cybersuit using customised textures and Wildcat hair. M3 figures with customised textures. Buildings from Stonemason's Walled City.

Scene assembly and final rendering in Vue 6 Pro Studio. Post processed in Photoshop CS2

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Updated: 21 September 2008

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