The Prisoner

The Prisoner


You can figure out a lot in jail listenin' to the guards enough.

Felt the hyperjump nausea sittin' in my first cell so I knew we'd left Hycaron. Week later I was blindfolded and bundled into a shuttle. I figured we might be at Illaria or Candor, but when I heard that Illaria had been quarantined for months with some outbreak, figured us to be on Candor.

Didn't get much detail about Illaria, but it sounded pretty serious.

I was taken away just after that 'thing' left. Guards talked 'bout that a lot. They were pretty scared 'bout it, talked about how it lived underground, under a building. I figured we weren't there, 'cos they seemed pretty happy about bein' somewhere else.

They talked about Kleneptra too, wonderin' if they'd get blamed and all, wonderin' why they collected the body 'stead of leavin' it there like the 'thing' told 'em to. I listened good then, how the body was taken and hidden on a company shuttle. When I heard they'd taken her ship back with 'em, I figured they wanted her for some alien autopsy.

My cell weren't so bad. After Hycaron II, gettin' clean clothes, a haircut and a shower felt like heaven, mind you, orange stripes ain't my first choice in fashion.

Didn't realise we were so far underground till I saw Kleneptra's ship again. They shoved me through this door into a huge chamber. No way they got it in here 'cept downwards. Must've been an old mine I guess.

The ship was sat on makeshift supports, like an ol' jalopy on bricks. I see all these guys in suits runnin' around, 'puters an' sensors, doin' tests an' all, gettin' real excited 'bout somethin'.

This frak looks over his glasses at me and asks me how to open the ship. How the frak should I know you dumb frak. I tell 'im how there's blood on his hands, how they murdered a Lazloi to get this ship. I tell 'im he'd better hope the Lazloi don't find this place.

I get a smack in the face.

He tells me this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, blah, fraking blah. Tells me it's worth thousands of lives, talks about potential technology, billions of credits, big profits.

I tell him to go frak himself.

He asks some other questions but I don't know what the frak he's on about.

I tell him he should try askin' someone who gives a frak.

The guy had to go 'cos all the other suits were talking and shoutin' 'bout stuff so I get bundled out the room. Thought I saw the big man himself, but got another smack 'round the head for not gettin' a move on.

The food ain't so bad.

-- Elise Mackie, somewhere on Candor


V3 figure in Winter Wear with custom texture, Wedge Hair. M3 figure in Xurge AHEV suit.

Rendered in Vue 5 Pro Studio and colour corrected in Photoshop CS2.

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Updated: 16 October 2007

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