The Trophy Room

The Trophy Room


My colleagues,

Before we begin, I hope you will indulge me by walking around my unique collection. As you can see, I am not interested in the common or the contrived, but the truly singular and unobtainable.

In both our successes and failures, it has always been my pleasure to collect and preserve the people and objects instrumental to those events. They serve as a lesson about the price of failure and the rewards of success.

Karl Wolmark was a fond collector of things, but only in a superficial way. He was no doubt a loyal servant to his masters, and his achievements were significant. In the end though, I suspect he lost his way. He was motivated by hate and revenge, which are such fickle emotions in my experience.

I did not consider him a great adversary for he was in fact a puppet. His true value to us was his ability to represent to his Guardians, those things we wished them to know. In that, I cannot say that the challenge he posed brought me any enjoyment.

I can thank him for adding some truly outstanding items to my collection, such as this fine example of a young Lazloi female, only slightly abused, aged some hundred and twenty at the time of acquisition. As you can see, the level of preservation is outstanding. Quite what this body was doing so carefully stored in his vaults we may never know, the destruction of the Sansica Corporation saw to that. I would truly wish to learn his whereabouts and see what other treasures he might have found. I think we would have much to discuss before I added him to my collection.

Gentlemen, I show you this for a reason. Do you see here a being with magical powers? Is this the race that can thwart our goals and us? What you see here is proof, proof that they can be defeated. A battered and violated woman, who was undoubtedly broken by Wolmark and his masters.

Let me assure you of one thing; the destruction of Gateway was not Lazloi power at work, but that of their creators. They are no more than pets who inherited their owners' riches. They can only maintain the glories they dimly understand by a slender thread, fearing that each and every day those glories will be snatched from their fingers. Nevertheless, they are a power which counter balances others. In a system of finely balanced forces, it takes only the smallest push to tip it in our favour. Thus the alien gate was opened, and our project advances further.

The Lazloi are dying as each generation passes. There are no boys being born anymore, and their surviving men folk are sickly and short-lived. I am neither ill nor short-lived, almost one of a kind in that respect. Do not be confused by my lineage; this Lazloi woman may be related to me by race and genetics, but in all other things, we are quite different.

My fellow Brothers, the meeting room is ready. Let the Council of Ankh begin.


M3 figure in the Conforming Tunic outfit and Flip Do Hair, all from DAZ. Stephanie Petite figure with Sapphire Fox hair. Containers are created in Hexagon.

Scene assembly and final rendering in Vue 6 Pro Studio. Post processed in Photoshop CS2

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