Angels in Flight

Angels in Flight


Just as suddenly as they appeared, the three Lazloi merchant cruisers left Candor this afternoon.

The ships ignored all starport protocols and flew low over the city, ‘The Screaming Fist’ deliberately buzzing the towers of the Sansica Corporation. The ships leave behind them much regret, human suffering and a relieved Echolian government.

It’s over fifty standard years since a Lazloi ship was seen in this region, yet even those that remember the last visit could not have foreseen the tumultuous events that have unfolded these last few weeks.

In the first few days, an influx of alien and human pilgrims threatened to overwhelm the city. Some were there to see the living legends that their grandparents had spoken of, others to find spiritual or physical wellbeing. The greatest concern came in what appeared to be a spat between the white haired race and the shadowy doomsday sect known as the Brotherhood of Ankh.

We can only speculate as to why they decided to leave. Perhaps, they simply found what they were looking for. Whatever their reasons, they brought much good with them. It is reported that the Lazloi have healed hundreds of sick children, particularly those with genetic disorders.

The last signal we are likely to receive from them will be a veritable supernova of static and interference that always precedes their hyperjumps, a way of ensuring that nobody can guess their heading or where their home world might be.

It is unlikely that any of us will see them again in our lifetime. It is that profound sense of loss, the passing of something wonderful, which is darkening the public mood.

Suicide rates and street crime have risen already…

Jai Houdri – Correspondent for the Candor Intersolar News Service


Starships and buildings are original models created in Hexagon.

Scene assembly and final rendering in Vue 5 Pro Studio. Post processed in Photoshop CS2

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Updated: 13 January 2006

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