Code Orange

Code Orange


History records the lonely moon of Hycaron II as Code Orange, a world where caution should be exercised. We know of course that such a classification is inaccurate.

The exact nature of what we’ve observed and how it spread to this world is still being investigated. What we know so far is at best, rumour and speculation. Suffice to say, events have proceeded rapidly.

An unseen force overwhelmed the mercenary transport sent to Hycaron II by the Echolian authorities. Observations by interdiction forces show the grounded ship enveloped in light with strange and disturbing radio transmissions broadcast on all spectrums. None of its crewmembers can be accounted for save a few stragglers outside the target area. A small scout team momentarily made contact but they ceased transmissions just before the explosion. It is assumed that they perished.

Why the ship’s fusion reactors were run to overload is not clear, but the subsequent thermonuclear detonation sent pulses of light into space where they enveloped one of the cordon ships in close orbit. This ship, itself enveloped in light, broke orbit, pursued by its sister ships.

We believe this ship was the one that jumped into system and then crashed landed near the capital the day before yesterday. Power fluctuations are reported in all regions around the crash site and several power stations can no longer be contacted.

News has spread rapidly of nearby towns being enveloped in strange light displays. Radio stations in the areas affected have ceased normal programming and have also begun transmitting sounds and signals of unknown origin.

Panic has set in and troops have fired over the heads of the rioters trying to break into the main starport. Echolian Marines are on standby but their forces have already been sorely depleted by their early and apparently futile attempts to confront the phenomena.

As night falls, a strange aurora borealis sweeps back and forth across the horizon, it’s shifting light mesmerising the population and tearing apart social order.

Did I not predict that this day would come? Did I not say that the cleansing fire would take a form we could not comprehend? Was it not I who planned the intrusions that have awakened this ancient terror long chronicled throughout history?

Scholars of the evolution of life are well aware of the mass extinctions that took place across many millions of years.

On Terra where humanity began, there have been six identified extinctions, each one culling great swaths of life forms. The species that remained flourished in the new world that emerged. It was mammals that survived the felling of dinosaurs and so it was that mankind finally emerged.

The seventh great extinction was of course of human making. It’s aftermath, a series of names that only exist in databanks, Elephant, Whale, and Tiger.

My brothers and sisters, look to the horizon and rejoice. In spite of their power, the Lazloi failed to stop us. Rhand is gone, lost in her madness. Forget our recent setbacks and redouble your efforts. Help spread the fire to other worlds.

It is time for the eighth and final extinction…

-- Communiqué from the Inner Circle of the Brotherhood of Ankh


An original conforming clothing mesh created for Stephanie Petite 3 using Hexagon with textures created in Photoshop CS2. Chico hair by DAZ.

Scene assembly and final rendering in Vue 5 Pro Studio


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Updated: 12 March 2006

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