The Gathering of Ravens

The Gathering of Ravens


This evil was made possible by nothing but the sanction we gave it.

Foolish was the counsel of non-intervention; to see the growing evil and do nothing, to see its crimes and do nothing, to see the lesser humans falling into the abyss and to do nothing.

I have gathered a meeting of certain Clan Mothers, those who recognise what needs to be done. I brought you’re here young clan sister because I know you are of a similar mind.

The waiting is at an end. We will confront this enemy once and for all. Too long, we have hidden in fear, uncertain of our future, and uncertain of our choices.

While Karaenia prefers to sing of lost glories with the songbirds, buffeted by the growing storm, you shall take flight into the wind and enter that storm. The harbingers of battle will prove to be an irresistible force.

Alisandra, take The Screaming Fist under my authority, take the weapons I have given you and expunge this cancer. I offer you this for the loss of your blood sister Kleneptra, a loss that will be avenged a thousand fold.

I regret that your sisters on The Silver Wheel and The Queen of Shadows are not with you, but they will see the honour of our purpose in time.

Be warned, there are those that will oppose you.

The Autocracy is massing four engines of war in its mistaken belief that it can contain this situation. Do not hesitate, do not waver; if they oppose you, destroy them. Throw them aside and do not look back.

Remember the human collaborators, they are an even greater danger.

Finally, I cannot ignore your bloodline, but I know your heart is true. Some of your sisters will not understand, but they will in time.

Be brave Alisandra. This is our hour, when the stars will tremble beneath our feet once more. May the Dark Sister guard and protect you.

-- The Clan Mother Zylyra, to Alisandra ny Hybritta ny Karaenia, of the Lazloi merchant explorer, “The Screaming Fist”.


Original starship model created in Truespace and Hexagon. V3 figure with the DAZ MFD and Cloak, both with custom textures.

Scene assembly and final rendering in Vue 5 Pro Studio. Post processed in Photoshop CS2

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Updated: 26 March 2006

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